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AMA Research is a leading specialist provider of market research and insight to the UK building and construction industry.

Established in 1989, AMA Research is widely recognised as the leading specialist provider of market research and insight to the UK building and construction industry.

AMA Research publishes over 150 off-the-shelf market reports, along with forecast bulletins and databases, covering building and construction, environmental and other B2B sectors in the UK. AMA Research’s research and analysis go beyond the more commonly available range of statistical and company information to provide expert, informed commentary and in-depth market analysis.

AMA Research also offers a broad range of bespoke services including commissioned market research projects and consumer and business surveys.

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With Barbour ABI we get precise information on the projects we target and they are constantly updated, this results in a very powerful prospecting tool and creates a devise that saves time and effort but also means we have a focused approach to new business development.

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Phil Slater, INDESIT UK

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Evolution from Barbour ABI is our unique online solution that gives our customers the tools and intelligence they need to generate leads and spot new opportunities.

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Market Reports

Receive full access to our monthly construction market intelligence report, Economic & Construction Market Review, as well as access to our special reports in association with the Government Construction & Infrastructure Pipelines and Office for National Statistics created using our construction data.

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