Author: Harrison Smith

International Women’s Day 2021: Women In Construction

As some background, my approach to this subject comes from my position as a Landscape Architect and, for the last 14 years, roles in sales/marketing for landscape product manufacturers. I’ve worked in this sector for 30 years so, sadly, have plenty of personal experience upon which to draw. Of course, everyone’s experience is different, and […]

10 Ways Project Prospecta Can Increase Lead Generation For Barbour ABI Subscribers

I’ve been using Barbour ABI for about 30 years, from its beginnings as a paper-based system, through to using floppy disks and finally to its current form as a huge cloud-based service. As the owner of a building products company, the potential of all the leads and data added every week has always been its […]

Construction Products Industry Roundtable 2021

The Future Of The Construction Products Industry On February 9th 2021, leaders from the construction products sector congregated on Zoom for an animated discussion on critical issues facing the industry. Expertly chaired by Barbour ABI Strategic Consultant, Damon Schunmann, panelists represented a cross-section of leading sector organisations including: Bill Hewlett – Technical Director – British […]

Introducing ‘Recreative Construction’ from Brian Green

“Recreative Construction” is a new, exclusive and free-to-access series of articles written by experienced construction industry commentator Brian Green for Barbour ABI and supported by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). Recreative Construction will be examining the challenges facing the construction community and diving into how you can work towards building a better future for […]

Why We Need To Talk About Mental Health

Now, more than any time in modern history, has our mental health been so important, and at the same time, so visible. With all our lives turned upside down due to the Pandemic, there is a collective understanding that we are all going through our own struggles right now, and whilst there have been many […]

Resilience in Tough Times

I am an irascible, impatient, ambitious perfectionist with tendencies to workaholism. I am also a wellbeing professional. I work with organisations to look at the systemic and cultural piece they need to be aware of in order to create a team who are well and happy – and therefore in the position to do their […]

My Journey Through Mental Health

Last Friday, Barbour ABI arranged for a special guest speaker to come and speak to us. That person was none other than Adam Smith, the founder of The Real Junk Food Project. Adam spoke to us about the journey he has been on which has led him to where his is now. His story is […]

How Does the BBA drive Innovation Within Construction

We want to give you a deeper understanding of what goes on behind the scenes at Barbour ABI, as well as connecting with major figures within the industry to learn what makes them thrive. This month we spoke to Peter Webbon, Sales & Marketing Director at the British Board of Agrément (BBA). Peter delves into […]

The Revenue Engine of Office 2.0

As there continues to be uncertainty in the market, marketing budgets are being cut and more is being expected of sales teams. However, when I ask sales teams “how it’s going”, these are some of the answers I get: “Everyone’s furloughed.” “I only get out-of-offices.” “If I was in London, I used to look up […]