Author: peterchesters

Onsite Innovation – Our March 2021 Content Calendar theme

Our Content Calendar theme of the month is Onsite Innovation. We want to use this opportunity to shed some light on the brilliant work that is being done on a daily basis within the industry to overcome modern day challenges. To do this, we’ve rounded up some of the best and brightest names in the […]

Onsite Innovation in Construction

Construction is a sector that’s all about overcoming challenges on a daily basis. In fact, so used is it to doing this that many examples of innovation are never formally captured and disseminated across even a single business, let alone pushed into the wider industry as best practice. But there are also good examples of […]

Budget 2021 reactions from industry insiders

With shafts of restriction-easing light starting to spear through the gloom of the third national lockdown, the 2021 budget focused on maintaining much-needed emergency support measures to lessen the damage wrought by Covid-19. The chancellor, a fiscal conservative, again made it clear that support measures are time limited and will be withdrawn in the autumn. […]

Building back better in the 2021 budget

Recent events have shown the need for long term and joined up planning. The Coronavirus pandemic has, in a sense, drawn a veil back to reveal the need for a prosperous, well-functioning society. More than this, everything is connected. Short term or narrow thinking creates unintended consequences. Take the continuation of help to buy and […]