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Our Partners

Partner of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority in providing the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline.

Chosen provider of Construction New Orders estimates and Communal Dwellings data to the ONS.

Monthly Index published in Building magazine, and data provider to the CPA Forecasting Panel.

Through our partnership with BRE, we are able to feature BREEAM ratings in our projects.

Barbour ABI supplies data to the construction industry and beyond

Market intelligence and construction industry data from Barbour ABI opens up new business opportunities by giving you the tools to target decision makers in the construction industry at the precise moment they require your services. Choose from a range of products from Barbour ABI to supply the intelligence you need to drive your marketing and business development activity.

Construction market intelligence

Construction Market Intelligence

We have a wealth of construction market intelligence and analysis available for our customers, including our monthly Economic and Construction Market Review.

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Building and construction project leads

Building and Construction Project Leads

Valuable construction intelligence that is proven to generate new business, tailored to your specific sales and marketing requirements.

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Evolution from Barbour ABI is our unique online solution that gives our customers the tools and intelligence they need to generate leads and spot new opportunities.

What our clients say...

We renewed with Barbour ABI after re-evaluating their business and a number of their processes. The three most significant being the accuracy of their data – we tested over 28 live construction projects; their standard of account management and finally the financial competence and performance of their business. All proved to be key differentiators, with the latter the concluding factor that firmly swung our decision in Barbour ABI’s favour in renewing our contract as a customer

Paul Roofe, Arrow Industrial Group

What our clients say...

I was dubious at first using Barbour as I was very used to using a competitor's site at my previous company. Only been using Barbour since I joined Kingfisher in May and I'm really happy with not only the website and how easy it is to use, but more importantly the service from Carla Carruthers, she is always prompt at returning my calls or replying to my emails. Likewise the research team are really quick at responding when I request further information. Would highly recommend.

Kingfisher logo
Zowie Moulden, Kingfisher Industrial

What our clients say...

We are very pleased with the results Barbour ABI has given us. We only use this service to follow up projects we already know about in our industry due to time restraints, and the information included has led us to secure orders which have more than paid for the years’ service in a little less than two months! We are bamboozled by its potential for new business and networking opportunities, and will be pursuing them eagerly once we have more resource to commit time to it.

Britannia Metador
Fred Moffitt, Britannia Metador

What our clients say...

The level of customer service is excellent! The frequency and nature of our contact with our Account Manager is just right and always supported by an excellent technical knowledge of the system and content ... we've been helped over a number of years to get the very best out of our subscription by an excellent and knowledgeable team.

Buckingham Group Contracting
Andrew Scott, Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd

What our clients say...

I wanted you to be aware of the professionalism of one of your team members Lee Oxton. Lee and I spent some time doing some basic training on your system, he was excellent at explaining the many features and benefits of your platform and his thoroughness was exemplary. Barbour ABI are most certainly in fantastic hands for the future if this is an example of your customer service.

SRC Group
Damian Ryan, SRC Aggregates

Here is a selection of our current projects

SimpleXMLElement Object ( [Name] => Dudley House Redevelopment [Location] => Paddington [Scheme] => Demolition of the existing building and constructi... [Value] => 80M [Developmenttypes] => New Build,Demolition,Brownfield. [StartDate] => October 2017 [EndDate] => October 2019 [Contacts] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [Contact] => Array ( [0] => Architect, [1] => Planner, [2] => Civil engineer, ) ) [ContactsCount] => 29 [Watches] => 445 ABI customers are watching this project. [project_url] => https://rssfeed.barbour-abi.com/projectimages/11870500.jpg ) SimpleXMLElement Object ( [Name] => Bbc Wales Headquarters - Media Centre - Plot 3 [Location] => Cardiff [Scheme] => Plot 3 - Construction of a new office headquarters... [Value] => 100M [Developmenttypes] => New Build,Demolition,Brownfield. [StartDate] => January 2016 [EndDate] => September 2018 [Contacts] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [Contact] => Array ( [0] => Plant subcontractor, [1] => Painting & Decorating subcontractor, [2] => Windows subcontractor, ) ) [ContactsCount] => 44 [Watches] => 177 ABI customers are watching this project. [project_url] => https://rssfeed.barbour-abi.com/projectimages/11953992.jpg ) SimpleXMLElement Object ( [Name] => Canterbury Cathedral Refurbishment Project/Welcome Centre [Location] => Canterbury [Scheme] => The project will involve the repair and reconstruc... [Value] => 19.4M [Developmenttypes] => New Build,Refurb/Repair. [StartDate] => January 2018 [EndDate] => January 2022 [Contacts] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [Contact] => Array ( [0] => Structural engineer, [1] => Contractor, [2] => Scaffolding subcontractor, ) ) [ContactsCount] => 12 [Watches] => 62 ABI customers are watching this project. [project_url] => https://rssfeed.barbour-abi.com/projectimages/11997201.jpg ) SimpleXMLElement Object ( [Name] => Hitchin Boys School - Music Block [Location] => Hitchin [Scheme] => Two storey detached building, comprising music fac... [Value] => 2M [Developmenttypes] => New Build,Demolition,Brownfield. [StartDate] => early December 2017 [EndDate] => early December 2018 [Contacts] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [Contact] => Array ( [0] => Contractor, [1] => Project Manager, [2] => Quantity surveyor, ) ) [ContactsCount] => 9 [Watches] => 245 ABI customers are watching this project. [project_url] => https://rssfeed.barbour-abi.com/projectimages/12004767.JPG ) SimpleXMLElement Object ( [Name] => Ymca Reigate - Sports Facility [Location] => Redhill [Scheme] => Sports facility to include toilets, associated off... [Value] => 1.2M [Developmenttypes] => New Build. [StartDate] => 19/02/2018 [EndDate] => 19/10/2018 [Contacts] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [Contact] => Array ( [0] => Bidder, [1] => Contractor, [2] => Project Manager, ) ) [ContactsCount] => 8 [Watches] => 54 ABI customers are watching this project. [project_url] => https://rssfeed.barbour-abi.com/projectimages/12038235.jpg )

Dudley House Redevelopment

October 2017
Architect, Planner, Civil engineer and 29 more...
445 ABI customers are watching this project.

Bbc Wales Headquarters - Media Centre - Plot 3

January 2016
Plant subcontractor, Painting & Decorating subcontractor, Windows subcontractor and 44 more...
177 ABI customers are watching this project.

Canterbury Cathedral Refurbishment Project/Welcome Centre

January 2018
Structural engineer, Contractor, Scaffolding subcontractor and 12 more...
62 ABI customers are watching this project.

Hitchin Boys School - Music Block

early December 2017
Contractor, Project Manager, Quantity surveyor and 9 more...
245 ABI customers are watching this project.

Ymca Reigate - Sports Facility

Bidder, Contractor, Project Manager and 8 more...
54 ABI customers are watching this project.

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